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You’ve got questions? we’ve got answers.

What kind of junk do you remove?

We will remove almost anything we can lift, and is not hazardous. Items including:

Furniture – Couch, bed, mattress, recliner, cupboard, filing cabinets

Appliances – Freezer, fridge,  washer & dryer, stereo, printer, TV, fax machine, computers, gaming consoles.

MISC household item’s – Boxes, kitchenware, book, clothes, fireplace, lawn mower’s, tool’s, snowblowers.

Landscape items– branches, grass, leaves, soil, dirt, sod, compost, mud.

Wood – Fencing, lumber, plywood, shed, gate

Construction/ demolition – plaster, drywall, broken patio, pallet’s, crate, glass, concrete

Roofing / Flooring – Tiles, asphalt, carpet, wood, flooring.

AND so much more, too much to list.

Do you load the junk,or just haul it away?

We load it as well, as long as we can lift it and its not hazardous, or dangerous(ex. Something that can cut us)

Do you recycle my junk, or just trash it?

One of our business’s core values is to recycle as much as we possibly can. Everything can be recycled, will be separated in the truck/trailer, and disposed of responsibly.

Do you have to come to my house to give me a price?

Nope. We can give you a ballpark price. From a description over the phone, email, or you can send us a picture. The price may not be exact but it will be close. We charge a fee for showing up, and then we charge a small fee for loading, our pricing is very, very fair compared to the other big brands

Do i need to be home when you arrive?

Nope. We can pre-arrange a spot outside where you leave the junk. We come, load it, clean the area, and haul it away.

Is there anything you wont take?

We don’t remove Hazardous Materials: Things like: Paint, chemicals, solvents, motor oils, asbestos, propane tanks, biological or medical-related waste.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, of course! We’re licensed, and our equipment and employees are insured in case of accidental injury or damage.

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